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Ipad Cookbook Stand Maddoux's Bracelet Remembrance Necklace Schlorff
Can be customized with any text or image.  Made/embellished using the couple's wedding shower invitiation. My client commissioned this piece for her friend who was recently widowed. The inspiration for this piece was, as the widow described it, the "hole in her heart" where her husband used to be. I accompanied this custom designed all hand cast/hand made necklace with a prayer that my client gave the widow saying she wished that the hole in her heart woud soon be filled with only happy memories.
Sandblasting Personalized Tiger Print Sterling Name Bracelet
Personalized Tiger Print
Our Price: $35.00
Sterling Name Bracelet
Our Price: $125.00
The note reads... I asked Angie to tell me about you when she first asked me to make you something.  Other than the fact that you were nuts for cheetah print ☺, one of the first things she said about you was that you “have never made your kids feel like they weren’t worth the fight”.  Judging from that statement and what a great person Angie is, I thought that you must be an awesome mom and can only hope that my kids will grow up to feel that way too.  I made up my mind then to use that idea in your commission.  And then she kept talking…and I realized that I couldn’t just focus on one idea about you when her love and respect for you was so wonderfully varied.  With this chalkboard, Angie and her girls can express ALL the ways that you have made a difference to them.  I hope you like it. Almost any word can be superimposed over Kathleen Wofford's tiger print for you for only $35. You'll receive a 12X12 print produced professionally on archival watercolor paper.

Ten word maximum. You might choose...

The characteristics you like about a person
A graduating or current tigers name
Your children or grandchildren
Your family name or member's names

The sky (up to ten words ;) ) is the limit.

PLEASE leave your choice of words in the comments section upon checkout. Your print will be ready for pickup in about a week. An extra charge applies if shipping ($8).

Your finished product will vary slightly due to inventory.
Sterling Bracelet Two Rows
Sterling Bracelet Two Rows
Our Price: $150.00
Entirely made of .925 sterling or .999 sterling and customized specifically for you or your intended recipient. Charms can be custom hand cast and fired to many sizes and shapes.