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Grand Isle Ginger Jackie's Lilly
Just 'cause.  I have a plan or two for this one when time permits. One loved little dog... See the original picture.
My sister's favorite flower.
The Flowers Of Home Depot Series- Red Calla Lily Gerber Daisy Art Example Redneck Aligator
A sample drawn for a T-Shirt manufacturer. Image wasn't used.  I like him and I'll have fun playing with him later.
Phoebe My Tiger Ipad Cookbook Stand
A gift for a good friend. Can be customized with any text or image.  Made/embellished using the couple's wedding shower invitiation.
Maddoux's Bracelet Sandy's Double Sided Tattoo Hallelujah We're Here
Tat done for a women's foot.  Her initials are able to be read by herself (in the light green) and anyone standing in front of her (follow the dark green lines).  The light green "initials" are not just a representation of her name for her.  There's another story behind the acronym that is unique to her (and it's not fit for print  ;) ). Commissioned by a realtor for a gift to her clients upon closing on their first house in Cajun country.
Map done in Acrylics Wonky Mike
Makes a great housewarming or wedding gift.
Perpetually smiling short-legged little Corgie.
Just Mike. :)
Calla LIly Laney Loves Daisies 2 Sarge
Jago Grand Isle Crab Two2 Irus
Jago. Just 'cause I like to do crabs. I did this one for myself. It's hanging in my kitichen.
Sandblasting The Flower Garden Medallion Jumbled Rose Necklace
Jumbled Rose Necklace
Our Price: $50.00
The note reads... I asked Angie to tell me about you when she first asked me to make you something.  Other than the fact that you were nuts for cheetah print ☺, one of the first things she said about you was that you “have never made your kids feel like they weren’t worth the fight”.  Judging from that statement and what a great person Angie is, I thought that you must be an awesome mom and can only hope that my kids will grow up to feel that way too.  I made up my mind then to use that idea in your commission.  And then she kept talking…and I realized that I couldn’t just focus on one idea about you when her love and respect for you was so wonderfully varied.  With this chalkboard, Angie and her girls can express ALL the ways that you have made a difference to them.  I hope you like it. The only thing that is not hand made on this creation is the cording/silk yarn. This medallion is hand-cast and custom cut from bronze. It measures approximately 1.25 inches in diameter.
The only thing that is not hand cast on this creation is the chain. It's made from pure copper wire, hand-dyed silk yarn, copper-plated chain and enamel beads. No two pieces will be exactly alike.
Bronze Waterfall Necklace Remembrance/Girlfriend Necklace Sterling Name Bracelet
Bronze Waterfall Necklace
Our Price: $50.00
Sterling Name Bracelet
Our Price: $125.00
The only thing that is not hand cast on this creation is the chain. The charms are hand cast one of a kind items that can never be exactly reproduced by the same method. The embelishments are custom and are made from a combination of bronze and copper wire. The chain is plated bronze/copper.

The charms range in size from 1.5 to 2 inches.
The only thing that is not hand cast on this creation is the chain. All charms are made of .999 Fine Silver and the components/chain are all .925 Sterling. Comes with a card that reads "May the hole in your heart soon be filled with only happy memories..." A 20 inch adjustable chain and gift box is included in the price. The chain may vary due to stock.

The sky is the limit as to what type of charms can be added. Can be made into a necklace for a friend or a girlfriend depending on what charms are ordered.
Your finished product will vary slightly due to inventory.
Rosary Bronze Aztec Jewelry Set
Our Price: $150.00
Bronze Aztec Jewelry Set
Our Price: $150.00
The colorful rosary was done for a grandmother and represents all her grandkids three times over, for example. All our rosaries are entirely made of .925 sterling or .999 sterling and customized specifically for you or your intended recipient. Charms can be custom hand cast and fired to many sizes and shapes.

This set cannot be reproduced exactly. This set is ENTIRELY handmade out of pure bronze and one of a kind. The patina is acheived using a particular material in the firing process.

Included are the earrings, ring, and bracelet.